Alumni Leaders Meet for 2nd MAA Leaders Assembly

2nd MAA Assembly. Photo by Perfecto Martin

Representatives from seventeen classes/batches have gathered together for the 2nd MHPNHS Alumni Association (MAA) Leaders Assembly held last August 27, 2016 at the Club Royale, Malolos City. Led by the MAA President Raffy Dela Rosa and Board of Trustees Director Perfecto Martin, the following were discussed during the meeting:


Summary of the MAA’s activities for the year 2015-2016:

  1. Pursued the efforts of strengthening and asserting the presence of the MAA as perpetual stakeholder of MHPNHS.
  2. Defined the vision and mission of the association; and identified strategic plans to achieve the mission and the vision. We have launched an internet video providing the full details of the program.
  3. Installed a robust financial housekeeping system that will enable a transparent stewardship of the funds of the association. This includes a computerized real time accounting system.
  4. Opened a bank account with the Philippine National Bank for funds receiving and treasury bank.
  5. Installed the association’s internet access – website, Facebook, Twitter and email; and we have re-launched the association’s official publication–Alumni Republic Malaya.
  6. Proposed amendments in the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws to strengthen the involvement of the alumni and to develop a deep bench of leadership.
  7. Launched the campaign for the association’s funding. To date, our fund stands: ₱400,000 in cash; ₱1.3 million in donor’s custody ready for disbursement, and ₱1 million commitments.
  8. Finalized the design for the PTA-Alumni Building renovation, but, the principal had continued to deny our access to the building even as the superintendent had give us his approval.
  9. Submitted the alumni plans for the school such as: soft programs and projects for the students, connecting the school with resource entities, and assistance for school projects

Next Steps:

  1. Pursue with the Department of Education the designation of a new principal — someone who has a vision, progressive agenda, and appreciation of the partnership with the alumni for the best interest of the entire school.
  2. Implement the rehabilitation project for the PTA-Alumni Hall that includes the old administrative office of the association and the multi-function hall for the alumni shared access.
  3. Implement the soft-projects that will result to the transformation of students traits and outlook and provide facility for their access to employment and college entrance opportunities.
  4. Work out for the representation of all the class-batches to the alumni association, from the latest class-batch to 60 years back; and raise the passion of the alumni to the vision and mission of the MAA.
  5. Connect the association cooperatively with the school superintendent, principal, PTA, FEA, school retirees, and the student government as supportive stakeholders of the school.
  6. Raise the fund raising programs and efforts of the association.
  7. Sustain the efforts for the preservation of the school heritage and legacies.
  8. Pursue the extension of MHPNHS to a state college.


  1. Araw ng Alumni 2016 will be held on the last week of November or first week of December, to coincide with the inauguration of the Bahay Alumni. The jubilarians—1956 (diamond), 1966 (gold), 1976 (ruby), and 1991 (silver)—will take the lead, particularly 1976 and 1991.
  2. Gawad Anak ng Paaralan. The deadline for nomination to the Gawad Anak ng Paaralan is October 31, 2016. The award is given to outstanding individual alumni or alumni batch or group who have shown exemplary service and loyalty to the school and/or alumni association. Any member of the MAA may submit a nomination of about 300-400 words.
  3. MAA website and Online archive. The official MAA website ( is now accessible together with the digital archive of school materials consisting of old publications, pictures, and other memorabilia ( MAA members are encouraged to visit the site.
  4. Alumni Database. To expand the list of alumni members listed in The Del Pilarian Alumni Register (2015)—members from 1909 to 2015, the creation of alumni database will start with the members of the  2015 and 2016 jubilarians.  Details of the database will be announced soon.


The following amendments were presented to, and approved by, the assembly:

Articles of Incorporation

  • SECOND: A. That the purpose or purposes for which such association is incorporated are:
    • To organize and engage the alumni, through the designated representatives for each class-year batch, into one corporate body who will act as the perpetual alumni-stakeholder of Marcelo H. del Pilar National High School, formerly Marcelo H. del Pilar High School and Bulacan High School.
    • To foster a spirit of cooperative partnership with the Department of Education, the principal, FEA (Faculty and Employees Association), PTA, association school retirees, and the student government.
    • To initiate programs and coordinate with the school authorities for the enhanced focus on life values and principles for success, and career and entrepreneurship vision.
    • To establish a scholarship program through study-now-pay later facility for qualified senior high school graduates pursuing college degrees; and for qualified teachers pursuing their masteral or doctoral degrees.
    • To provide for job-placement assistance to graduates of senior high school.
    • To initiate or support projects for the school, teachers, and students.
    • To engage with the city, provincial, and national leaders and all the provincial NGOs and civic organizations for the the extension of MHPNHS to a state college initially; and to state university ultimately.
    • To grant special recognition and awards to outstanding alumni, faculty, employees, and students.
    • To be the steward in the preservation of the school heritage and legacies.
  • SIXTH: That the number of trustees of the association shall be NINE.


Article II – Trustees

  • Section 4. Term of Office of Trustees –  The trustees shall hold office for three years from their election. Three new trustees will be elected every year to be the successors to the three trustees who are on their last year of their term, provided that the numbers to be elected shall be subject to the provisions of Section 1.b of Article III.
  • Section 4.a. Any vacancy in the board of trustees shall be filled up during die annual election together with the new trustees, provided that the new trustee who gets the least vote shall serve for the remaining term of the vacancy.

Articles II-A

  • Section 1. All trustees who had served the association shall automatically become members of the association’s Council of Advisers. Their fundamental roles are-to provide counsel to the Board of Directors and to lend their inspirational leadership presence to the association.

Article III – Officers

  • Section 1. Officers – The officers of the association shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. They shall be elected by the Board of Trustees from among themselves. The Board may combine compatible offices in a single person.
  • Section 2. The president shall hold office for three-years.
  • Section 2.1 All other officers of the association shall hold office for one year, and until their successors are duly elected. Officers may be re-elected during their term as a trustee.
  • Section 3. The trustees shall elect from among themselves a President-elect at the beginning of the last year of the term of the President, to be the successor of the President at the end of his term. The President-elect could possibly be the elected as Vice-President concurrently.
  • Section 3.1 The President-elect shall have his term as director be extended as needed for him to serve the full term of the president.

Article V

  • Section 1.a  The members shall be represented by at least three designated leaders for each class-year batch to attend and vote during the regular and special meeting of the general assembly.

During the meeting, five Alumni members were nominated to fill the three vacancies in the Board of Trustees as mandated by the amended Articles of Incorporation. The nominees are Raena Pedroche (C1978), Teresita Mariano (C1966), Raymond Martinez (C1976), Emilio DJ Jacinto (C1968) and Rolando Valenzuela (C1953). The election will take place during this year’s Araw ng Alumni celebration.

In attendance were:

1963: Angelita J. Flores, Herminia C. Carreon, Epraim L. Castro and Carmelyne de Jesus-Reyes

1965: Danilo Santos (Director, Board-Of-Trustees)

1966: Corazon C. Ajero, Julita R. Verzosa and Rufino L. dela Rosa (President, Board-Of-Trustees)

1967: Isabelita S. Roquero

1968: Emilio D.J. Jacinto,  Sotero P. Magpayo, Erlinda C. Flores and Perfecto T. Martin (Director, Board-Of-Trustees)

1969: Magdalena J. Musa, Felix Punzalan, Virgilio Maclang and Teresita C. Buluran (Director, Board-Of-Trustees)

1970: Dexter Andres

1971: Eden C. Lim

1975: Victor C. Tamayo, Teresita C. Cruz and Penny S. Pedroche

1976: Alexander S. Paulino, Arturo B. Umlas and Angelina D. Cinco

1977: Ruby D. Gener

1978: Raena C. Pedroche, Bless M. Sanchez, Ronald dela Rosa, Lourdes F. Magallones, Felix Bautista, Siony Valencia and Ferdinand Oliveros

1981: Claudia J. Maclang, Cristina C. Punongbayan, Conrado A. Fernando, Jr. and Romeo L. dela Rosa

1983: Enrico C. Capule, Ma. Alma Nicolas Torre and Minerva Bautista

1988: Jose Marvin C. Casipe

1994: Michaelangelo Benigno, Maricar Santiago and Rochele Leandicho

1995: Raul C. Reyes, Jr. and Rhodora L. Aluncky

UPDATE: Leonardo V. Surio (C1976) will be replacing Raymond Martinez as nominee for the Board of Trustees.

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