Landmark Book Chronicles the History of Bulacan High School

Bulacan High School: Antolohiya ng Alaala

In 1912, a group of students from Bulacan High School skipped classes to protest the harsh policies of their American principal. Together with a brass band, they paraded through the streets of Malolos, defiantly waving the flag of the new republic during the early years of US rule.

Regarded as the first student strike in the province of Bulacan (and possibly in the entire country), details of this incident—and other lesser known nuggets of history–can now be read in a landmark publication that traces the story of one of the country’s first provincial public secondary schools.

Bulacan High School: Antolohiya ng Alaala is a compilation of rare documents, unpublished photographs, memoirs, graduation annuals, and a complete listing of pre- and post-war alumni from the school’s first commencement program in 1909 up to 1951, when it became Marcelo H. del Pilar High School.

Bulacan High School: Antolohiya ng Alaala

Published by Solidaridad Resource Center (SRC) and MHPNHS Alumni Association (MAA), the book is compiled and edited by Perfecto T. Martin of MHPHS Class 1968 and a trustee of MAA, with a foreword by Jaime A. FlorCruz of Class 1967 and also a trustee of MAA.

Martin is an editor and publications consultant, while FlorCruz is a retired Beijing bureau chief of CNN, now teaching at Beijing University.

The limited edition book will be launched on April 19 at the University Hostel of the Bulacan State University in the City of Malolos, under the auspices of the Center for Bulacan Studies and the MHPNHS Alumni Association. A special launching price is available only on the day itself.

Proceeds from this volume on BHS will be used in the publication of the second volume on Marcelo H. del Pilar High School (1952-2002) in the first quarter of 2018.

You may deposit the amount of P1,500 for a copy of the book to BDO account number 000 681 276 746 (account name: Perfecto T Martin) and email details of deposit, address, and telephone number to

You may also send those details to mobile number +63 920 900 1896. (The amount covers delivery in Metro Manila and Luzon–north and south–only. Please add P100 for deliveries in Visayas and Mindanao.)

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