Del Pilarian Artist Goes Viral Online

Jean Louisse Lozano
Jean Louisse Lozano. Credits: Facebook page

“Filipina Artist, 19, gets attention online
for her photograph-like Harley Quinn color pencil drawing.”


As the movie ‘Suicide Squad’ makes a hit among cinemas in the country, a Del Pilarian alumnae became viral online. The 19-year old Filipina artist is our very own Jean Louisse Lozano (Class 2014). Since then, her passion for the arts has been inspired by her father.

During high school, this former Republic staffer was encouraged to compete under the editorial cartooning category of many press conferences. Although she seldom gets the first place, it did not stop her in pursuing her dreams. Instead, she used the social media in sharing her realistic color pencil artworks.

When she posted her Harley Quinn photorealism artwork at GUHIT Pinas Facebook group, she did not really anticipate that much attention. However, up until now, it is gaining thousands of likes and shares online. After finishing her undergraduate course in Engineering, she is planning to have a degree in Fine Arts, too.

Truly, it is inspiring to know how our alma mater honed her skills through her teachers, classmates and friends. Indeed, like Louisse, Tata Celo taught us “that every dream can be achieved, if willing to put in the work, and to give out one’s best and faith; even when everything else fails.”

Article by Jasly Marquez (Class 2015)

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