We the alumni

A. Bahay Alumni Fund.

Estimated building renovation cost, furnitures and fixtures cost (under study)

Funding sources: P75,000 or more, one-time pledge for each of the core class batches (voluntary)

B. General Fund

Administrative cost of the alumni association office: one office staff, electric maintenance, and others

Funding sources: P1,000 monthly pledges from each of the core class batches.

C. Designated Fund

Projects such as Bahay Alumni maintenance and improvement, study-now-pay-later plan program, school facilities projects, financial assistance to needy retired teachers, values enhancement program for students, and others.

Funding sources: Voluntary monthly pledges from each of the core class batches; Gifts and contributions from the members of the alumni association.

D. Endowment Fund

The earnings from the fund may be appropriated to General Fund and Designated Funds.

Funding sources: Alumni and institutional donations and contributions.