The Lion’s Den

Photo by Pat Roque (Class 1968)

With a deliberately paved path set before me, I dashed. Well, not dashed. I took small and cautious steps towards Senior High School, as if I were venturing into a lion’s den. I wasn’t exactly terrified but boy was I riddled with anxiety. As a natural skeptic, I didn’t have high expectations of the curriculum that I was pioneering. I knew that there had to be flaws in the system and I braced myself for them.

What I didn’t prepare myself for was the fondness I eventually developed for the said program. Granted, there were faults. But I would wholeheartedly concede that the long preparations done by Marcelo H. del Pilar National High School for SHS did not go to waste.

As a student taking up Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), I can testify to that. Most of the newly-hired teachers went beyond my expectations. Sure enough, I have this uneasy feeling towards the new classroom setting. Everything is just out of place–and so I was forced to step out and once again, face the new world ahead. By doing so, I was able to put things back into its right spot and find myself enjoying SHS life way beyond I can imagine it.

The last thing I remembered, numbers were flying across the board and I was hyped to solve the problems in Pre-Calculus I used to hate during the first weeks. Or the functions in Math I do not really know why you have to look for something so complicated as ‘x’. Later on I realized why the concept of function is sometimes dubbed as the “central idea in mathematics” and grasped the idea of using the relationship between x and y as application in real-life situations. Moreover, I used to see Philosophy as a work of art–the art of critical thinking for lovers of wisdom.

It certainly feels like I am in a college setting, which is a part that I really enjoy. The lessons maintained a balance between group work and individual tasks. Everything’s just magical. In one way or another, I was thankful for having time to organize my thoughts and prepare myself for a much higher degree of education, two years from now.

MHPNHS caters to an ambitious goal to equip all of their Senior High students with skills that will drive them to become productive members of society.My overwhelming desire to know is not deprived. In fact, it is well fed. I am compelled to try new activities that I normally wouldn’t show the slightest bit of interest.

The way I see it, the skill most enhanced in the program is flexibility. With that flexibility in my grasp, I soak up the lion’s den which is the world. And so, I dash.

Jade de Guzman, Class 2016, now in Grade 11 at MHPNHS, will be part of Class 2018 of MAA

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