Making a Difference for MHPNHS

Raffy Dela Rosa

The Board of Trustees of the MHPNHS Alumni Association, Inc. or MAA was elected in August 2015 during the general alumni homecoming attended by various batches and classes. I was subse­quently elected as president of the Board.

I am happy to share with you the developments and programs that we have initiated and other plans that we are going to pursue.

The Board had articulated the vision and mission of MHPNHS Alumni Association:

Vision: MHPNHS, restored in its good-old days glory, is a leading national high school in the country; extending to college starting 2018; then to university in 2030.

Mission: To make a positive difference for MHPNHS enabling the school to make difference in the lives of all the youth that it can possibly touch.

The Board had agreed on an initial organization set up to engage the almost 60,000 living members as passionate stakeholders and to activate the core leadership of each batch to represent the batch to the MAA general assembly.

There are 65 batches in all if the reckoning will start from 1950. We are proud that there are still active and excited alumni from earlier batches. They will be our inspiration and council of senior leaders and mentors.

Every batch will be represented by a minimum of three officers—the batch president, the secre­tary, and the treasurer. The batch representatives will be the attending the general assembly meeting of the alumni association.

Every batch is encouraged to hold theirquarterly officers meeting and annual batch assembly meeting.

The general assembly of the alumni batches representatives will be held on October and the alumni annual homecoming in December—these are all subject to the approval of the general assembly.

The Board had requested the MHPNHS principal for an access to the PTA-Alumni building for office and other administrative needs of the MAA, but the request, including the subsequent ap­peals, were denied by the Principal; even as the DepEd Superintendent had formally given his consent to our request, and the DepEd Region Director had decided not to intervene in his decision. However, we will continue to pursue our request.

The Board had approved the distribution of the brochure articulating the vision and mission of MAA, the funding and strategic plans of the association, and the financial housekeeping for good governance of the association.

The highlights of our continuing support as stakeholders of MHPNHS are:

Programs to support school projects with funds raised by the association from corporations and institutions owned by or accessible to members, from donations by members, and other fund sources.

Leveraging the access of the association and its members to government offices and officials, NGOs, and various business corporations for the benefit of the school.

Provide college and job placements assistance to the graduates; and mentoring for the graduat­ing students on career planning and success values.

Establish a study-now-pay later program for the students going to college and for the teachers pursuing higher education.

Rehabilitate the 30-year old PTA-Alumni Hall. The rehabilitation will retain the original purposes of the building, ie.: alumni center, PTA center, and multi-purpose hall.

The Board will pursue the efforts to engage with the MAA: the FEA, the PTA, the Student Council, and the Gintong Samahan of retired teachers, to work together and become active and vision-driven stakeholders of MHPNHS.

Thank you. I hope to be with you soon—the general assembly meeting with the batches representtives and the annual homecoming with all the class batches.

Raffy Dela Rosa
President, M. H. del Pilar National High School Alumni Association, Inc. (MAA)

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