Statement on the Renovation of the PTA-Alumni Hall

November 17, 2016 admin 0

STATEMENT ON THE RENOVATION OF PTA-ALUMNI HALL AND CALLING IT THE MHPNHS BAHAY ALUMNI To Dr. Malcolm S. Garma, Director, Region III, Department of Education To Dr. Amancio S. Villamejor, Jr. CESP IV, Schools Division Superintendent, City of Malolos And to the students, parents, employees, […]

The Story of the PTA-Alumni Hall

September 2, 2016 Michaelangelo Benigno 0

This is an account of how the PTA-Alumni Hall was constructed in 1988. The story behind this structure—now considered a legacy building—will explain why the MHPNHS Alumni Association (MAA) is determined to have it renovated and rehabilitated, turn it into a Bahay Alumni to house […]

Together, Let’s Save This!

August 9, 2016 admin 0

That’s Jaime FlorCruz’s exhortation as he ends his latest piece in the August 2016 issue of our Alumni Republic-Malaya which he edits. “This is not just a junk of an edifice. This is about all the people who walked daily under this gate. This evokes […]

Buhay Alumni

August 8, 2016 Michaelangelo Benigno 0

We del Pilarians are only too happy to give back to our Alma Mater. We all do, whatever we do, wherever we are. But how do we pitch in? Let me cite some ways. The Marcelo Alumni Association, our mother ship, is doing its share. […]

Huntahan sa Amerika: Nostalgia and Involvement

August 6, 2016 admin 1

What was planned as a brief orientation on the current activities and projects of the Marcelo H. del Pilar National High School Alumni Association (MAA) turned out to be a long afternoon of nostalgia and involvement. Twenty alumni, representing eleven batches, attended Huntahan sa Amerika […]

Ano ang Sinupan?

August 6, 2016 Michaelangelo Benigno 0

Inaanyayahan namin ang lahat ng Del Pilarian na magtungo sa ating bagong “pugad” dito sa Internet: ang Sinupan. Ito ang pugad ng mga alaala ng Bulacan High School (BHS), ang una at pinamatandang mataas na paaralang pampubliko na itinatag noong 1905 sa lalawigan ng Bulacan. […]