MHPNHS, restored in its good old days of glory, is a leading national high school in the country, extending to college starting in 2018, then to a university in 2030.


To make a positive difference for MHPNHS enabling the school to make a difference in the lives of all the youth that it can possibly touch.

To achieve the Vision and Mission, we will:

  1. Engage the core leaders and members of the alumni association to be supportive and passionate stakeholders inspired and driven to achieve the vision for the school. Link the new graduates to the association.
  2. Build the Bahay Alumni at the school campus to serve as the administrative office, core leaders center, alumni and retired teachers assembly hall, student center for career mentoring and college/job placement; and repository of the school heritage and legacy.
  3. Set up a legal corporate body for the alumni association with robust financial housekeeping and effective management so that it can stand as trustworthy steward of resources and effective institution for the vision and missions of the association.
  4. Drive and sustain fund-raising programs by engaging the financially successful alumni for fund contributions, and by fund-raising projects that the association can launch, while keeping a certain portion of the fund in perpetual endowment fund.
  5. Establish and sustain programs for school heritage and legacy, values education, career planning, college and job placement for the students; educational loans/scholarship for students and teachers, assistance for the retired teachers, and other activities.
  6. Leverage on the access of the association and the members to mayors, governor, congressmen, senators, government agencies, DepEd, CHED, DPWH, and businesses.
  7. Collaborate as vision-driven stakeholders with the DepEd authorities chartered for the supervision of MHPNHS; contribute resources from the funds raised by the association; support the efforts in getting government resources needed by MHPNHS; contribute inputs for strategic directions.

8. Firm up the project plan for the expansion of MHPNHS into a full college institution and aggressive lobby for it with the provincial governor, city mayor, congressmen and government agencies. And for Phase II, pursue the university project.